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DOL Fee Disclosure Compliance

DBC has two resources available to keep your plan in compliance with the Department of Labor fee disclosure regulations.

Our Fee Disclosure Resources Page provides information and templates that DBC clients can use to stay in compliance with fee disclosure regulations. To access it, click the fee disclosure resource page link below.

Resources Page

Fee Disclosure Center Beta is our new cloud based fee disclosure management service. To access it, click the fee disclosure center link below. Registration is free.

Fee Disclosure Center

Destel-Bergen Corporation is a third party administrator providing a variety of administrative and consulting services for 401(k) and other tax qualified retirement plans. Destel-Bergen Corporation has been a family owned and operated firm for over 30 years. Our core philosophy is to place the needs and interests of our clients first, provide responsive and courteous service, and honest and straight forward consultation. Whether you are self-employed and looking for a solo 401(k), owner of a large company looking to maximize your own retirement savings while limiting the costs through a new-comparability plan, or even looking to use your 401(k) or IRA to capitalize your business, we can can provide your company with an exceptional level of personalized service.

Please consider some of the reasons to talk to us about your business's retirement plan:

Free Initial Consultation
Retirement plans offer a number of options, and determining the plan that's right for you can be a difficult and confusing process. We will consult with you on an individual basis, and help you find the plan that works best for you. Even if you decide not to use our services, your initial consultation and plan options review are absolutely free.

Investment Options
In a time of financial uncertainty, having your money managed by someone you can trust is essential. When chosing a firm to administrate your retirement plan, you may often be limited in the investment choices available, or be required to work with a particular brokerage firm or record keeper. As an independent TPA, Destel-Bergen Corporation does not work with any one brokerage or advisor. We give you the freedom to work with your own financial advisor, and make your own investment decisions. You can even invest in non-conventional assets such as collectibles, gold bullion, real estate, private companies, or your own business. Please visit our investments pages for more information on investment options.

Qualifying Employer Securities
Destel-Bergen Corporation has extensive experience in administrating plans that include qualifying employer securities. Under ERISA pension law, if you have a c-corporation you can invest your retirement account in the stock of the corporation sponsoring the plan. This provision allows to you to use your retirement to invest in your own small business. Please visit our Qualifying Employer Securities page, or our Equity Investment Plan website for more information.


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