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Would you like to see what retirement plan options are available for your business?

Destel-Bergen Corporation will do a comprehensive feasibility study of various qualified retirement plans as they apply to your business. Even if you decide not to use our services, your initial consultation and review of plan options are absolutely free.

To have feasibility study completed for your business, you can contact a Destel-Bergen Corporation representative at (707) 736-6937, or click on one of the following links to download and complete the applicable form:

Please download and complete either the Excel file or the Adobe Acrobat file.
Completed forms can be emailed to or or faxed to (707) 559-3243.

Excel File

If you complete the excel file, be sure to complete both the General Info worksheet and the Census worksheet. You can switch between worksheets by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the excel sheet. Download and complete the following form Form.InitialData:Request.Email.XLS

Adobe Acrobat

To properly view these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download and complete the following form: Form.Initial Data Request.pdf

get reader

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